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What is chemical peeling?

  • It is an effective method of skin rejuvenation by fruit acid (glycolic acid – from sugar cane)

  • It is carried out exclusively by a physician!

  • It's the removal of surface skin cells.

What is the result like?

  • Skin smoothing

  • Skin hydration and elasticity increase

  • Significant reduction of pores

  • Smoothing wrinkles

  • Smoothed little scars after acne

  • Unification of skin colour

  • Elimination of undesirable pigmentation

  • Elimination of symptoms of aging skin due to solar radiation, i.e. photoaging

How many procedures to undergo?

  • It is individual.

  • Usually there are 4-6 individual procedures within 4-6 weeks

  • Then it is appropriate to the undergo the maintenance program (consult with a physician – it is individual)

How will you look like immediately after peeling?

It depends on the depth of the peeling done (surface, medium-deep). The skin is pink to red for 1-2 days; then it slightly peels off – this can be hidden by make-up. After the medium-deep peeling redness may last up to 14 days and peeling-off is more significant. There might appear a temporary swelling and surface crusting.

What can be treated?

Face, hands, bossom, back, neck (price depending on the size of areas). Do not use make up, shave nor use aftershave during the day of peeling.

What to avoid before peeling?

  • Resins depilation or epilating

  • Facial cosmetic masks

  • Other types of chemical peeling or dermabrasion

  • Hair dyeing, perm

  • Local application of preparations containing acid derivatives of vitamin acid

  • Using isotretinoin (Roaccutane) - terminate the therapy 6 months before the peeling application

What to do after peeling?

  • Use cream Neostrata Post-Peel NutriCream or Neostrata Bionic Face Cream (nutrition, protection, recovery) 2-3 times a week

  • Wash the face by clean water and do not towel!

  • Do not scratch, squeeze, peel!

  • Avoid sunlight

  • Do not use facial masks

  • Do not wear tight headgear (helmets, hats, etc.)

  1. for face and neck - 1600 CZK

News related to chemical peeling have been gathered by our physician MUDr. Hana Plachá (middle) right in Princeton, where the American company Neostrata is located.


From left: prim. MUDr. Moidlová,
MUDr. Plachá,
MUDr. Terzijská


Princeton 2006


left MUDr. Plachá,
right MUDr. Terzijská


left MUDr.Terzijská,
right MUDr.Plachá