Microdermabrasion is one of less aggressive methods of improving skin appearance. It is a dermatologic therapeutic method designed to remove surface layers of the skin and dead skin cells. It simultaneously supports production of new cells in deeper layers of the skin. The method results in an overwhelming feeling of light and soft skin, stimulation of collagen network associated with improving skin texture and appearance, and reduction of pores with the removal of their contents.

The greatest interest in this surgery is among those who have lighter and more persistent forms of acne, oily skin, expanded pores, little scars, milias (so called milk spots) or symptoms of aging skin associated with minor wrinkles and pigmentations. In the latter case, the surgical procedure is very successfully combined with photorejuvenisation IPL. Combined treatment with pulse light is performed during one session or in separate sessions according to the type of the skin problem. Microdermabrasion is intended not only to face peeling, but also the body peeling, where the problem of striae or scars is usually solved .

IMG_3534The procedure is painless; you perceive it as gentle pinching of a cold winter wind. After the surgery the skin feels warm, just like being after a massage, the skin may be slightly reddish. Reddening usually disappears within a few hours. By removing the surface layers of the skin the penetration of effective substances into the skin is improved, which is understandably used effectively. The effective serums, such as vitamin vials, are applied to regenerate and revitalize the skin. Before and after the surgery it is also necessary to keep sufficient fluid intake.

The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the surface - from 20 minutes up to an hour (face, neck, bosom) - and also on other complementary procedures. The treatment is composed of 4 - 8 periodic sessions in the range of 2 weeks. After completing the treatment it is recommended to re-apply the treatment every 1 - 3 months to maintain the achieved results. The clients can see the result after 1 - 2 sessions; the other treatments improve and extend the achieved results.

After the surgery it is necessary to apply moisturizing regenerating products and photoprotection. In the next 7 days, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight. 3 days before and 3 days after the procedure it is necessary to omit the use of creams based on AHA acids, or other peeling substances. After the surgery it is not recommended to apply compact powder or make-up for 24 hours. Eye shadows or lipstick can be applied.

IMG_3529Microdermabrasion should not be undergone by people with undiagnosed damage to the skin, herpes simplex, virus warts, harder forms of active acne, active rosacea, or other diseases. Your doctor has to make a decision about the appropriateness of the surgery.